Sooji Ki Kheer is the most delicious and most eaten dessert in Pakistani and Indian regions. It is the delectable dessert which can be made in very less time very easily and with few ingredients. It is very sweet and creamy taste with the nice aroma of sooji and little crunchy because of adding nuts in garnishing.

Sooji Ki Kheer Healthy & Nutritious:

Sooji Ki Kheer is very much healthy and nutritious for the health of all. Because sooji is very much healthy for the health of all age group people it has a good source of protein, carbohydrate, calcium and iron. These all things are very good for making good health and by combining with milk and nuts it can be become more healthy and nutritious for helath of all.

Sooji Ki Kheer Made With:

Sooji Ki Kheer can be made with milk, sugar, semolina, green cardamom, saffron, almonds and pistachios.

Sooji Ki Kheer Variation:

Sooji Ki Kheer can be made more variable by adding these ingredients like you can use condensed milk instaed of sugar to mek it more sweeter and good in consistency. Also you can add some more nuts like cashewnuts or walnuts to make it more delicious, healthy and nutritious.

Sooji Ki Kheer Served:

Sooji Ki Kheer can be usually served at home as a sweet dessert. It can also be served at especial occassions and also at eid festivals. Sooji Ki Kheer can also be served at weekends, get togethers and dinner parties choice is all yours.

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