Soya Aloo Qatli is also a very much delicious recipe of potatoes which can make you crave to eat this again and again. It  have a unique and super yummy taste and yes different from the normal aloo qatli version. It can be made by very few ingredients which can be very easily available in your kitchen. It can also be made in a very quick time and loved by all age group people.

Soya Aloo Qatli Taste & Texture:

Soya Aloo Qatli is very much tasty little spicy and aromatic due to using soya with a round and very thin slices of potatoes. It looks good to the eyes with the good combination of color of brown and green you can see in it.

Soya Aloo Qatli Made With:

Soya Aloo Qatli can be made with potatoes peeled and round sliced, onion fried, salt, soya leaves finely chopped, green chilies finely chopped, coriander leaves finely chopped, oil and water.

Soya Aloo Qatli Healthy Dish:

Soya Aloo Qatli is an excellant potatoes dish that is not only tasty and easy to make but also a hale and hearty dish as potatoes are full of Potassium. Taking potatoes twice a month is good for everyone so take it in the form of some delicious dish.

Soya Aloo Qatli Served:

Soya Aloo Qatli can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba and at home too as a side dish but some times it can be served as a main dish. Soya Aloo Qatli can also be served with chapati or with steamed rice and tarka lentil (daal) along with any type of raita and salad of your own choice.

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