Spicy Chicken Bites woowwwww sounds tasty, spicy and yummy. It is the newer version of snack like chicken nuggets or chicken cutlets, when you can make these you will definitely found a good recipe for serving your family, guests and especially kids. This you can also made for the menu of iftar in Ramazan it can be surely given a fancy look to your iftar menu or iftar table.

Spicy Chicken Bites Unique Recipe :

Spicy Chicken Bites is a unique snack recipe among other snacks, cutlets or nuggets recipes. It can be made with a very different ingredients which can be combine to make these bites very much tasty with a new spicy flavor.

Spicy Chicken Bites Made With:

Spicy Chicken Bites can be made with chicken mince, finely chopped onions, green chilies finely chopped, fresh coriander and mint leaves, salt and oil for deep frying. For masala powder you need coriander seeds, cumin seeds, cloves, cinnamon, dried red chilies, cashew nuts and oil.

Spicy Chicken Bites Taste & Texture:

Spicy Chicken Bites are fully moist and tender from inside with spicy flavor with golden brown and crispy from outside.

Spicy Chicken Bites Served:

Spicy Chicken Bites can be usually served at any cafe, restaurant and at home too as a snack. It can also be served with any type of dip sauce, ketchup or chutni of your own choice.

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