This Strawberry Ice Cream is made only with 3 ingredients by which you can get real strawberry flavor in to your ice cream. This ice cream is made by blending all ingredients together and then freeze for few hours then it will be ready to eat. It is very much delicious, sweet and creamy with full flavor of strawberries. This is easy to made at home with a very less time preparation create frosty treats ready for all of your family, friends, guests and kids too.

Fresh Strawberries Make This Strawberry Ice Cream Delicious:

Using fresh strawberries can make this Strawberry Ice Cream more delicious then canned strawberries. Using all ingredients very fresh to make this fresh and delicious.

Best Way To Treat Family Friend Kids & Guests:

This is the best way to treat your family, friends, kids and guests by making this ice cream at home with very less ingredients and with very easy steps in a quick time.

Strawberry Ice Cream Made With:

Strawberry Ice Cream can be made with sliced strawberries, sugar and cream.

Variation In Strawberry Ice Cream:

Strawberry Ice Cream can be make more variable by adding condensed milk instead of using sugar it really gives a delicous sweeter taste to your ice cream.

Strawberry Ice Cream Served:

Strawberry Ice Cream can be usually sereved at any restaurant, cafe, ice ceram parlors and at home as a sweet dessert or frozen dessert. Strawberry Ice Cream can also be served with wafers biscuits and with custard too. It can also be used in making shakes or smoothies.

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