Wow a newer way to make kaleji on this eid which is named Tawa Kaleji. This kaleji is made on tawa that is why we called it by this name and yes it is quite different from other kaleji recipes. This recipe is ssooo delicious, mouthwatering, spicy, quick and easy to made at this Eid-ul-azha. Almost at every house on Eid-ul-azha after slaughtering the cow or goat the very first dish you made it from ages is kaleji.

Tawa Kaleji Is Also Known By Pan Fried Liver:

Tawa Kaleji is also known by “pan fried liver” in some other countries and in Pakistan too. This is named this because we can made it on tawa/pan which is little different style to made it and usually at dhabas and at motels you find this style to make kaleji but from now you can make it at homes yourself too you will surely enjoy and tried again and again after making once.

Tawa Kaleji Variations:

You can also make thsi Tawa Kaleji more variable by adding few more ingredients of your own choice like you can garnish it with fresh mint leaves and ginger thin julian slices to make it more aromatic, digestable and tasty in taste.

Tawa Kaleji Served:

Tawa Kaleji can be usually served at restaurants, dhabas, roadside motels and also at homes as a side dish but on eid-ul-azha this can be usually served as a breakfast main dish. Tawa Kaleji can also be served with roti/chapati, paratha or with roghni naan along with salad or onion rings and lemon wedges.

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