Tempura Batter woowww now iam sharing this very easy recipe to make tempuras at home very easily and quick. This Tempura Batter recipe is a great recipe by which you can also save money and not having to buy ready made batter powder from market. This is a basic recipe by which you can easily make any type of tempura of your choice.

Tempura Batter Texture:

This Tempura Batter is a basic recipe of making batter for tempura. This should be have a good consistency not very thick not very thin and no lumps found in this batter. The correct ratio of ingredients make this best and perfect in consistency and easy to make tempura by following this recipe.

Tempura Batter Useful & Basic:

This recipe of Tempura Batter isa basic recipe by which you can made any type of tempura like vegetable tempura, prawn tempura, chicken tempura and fiah tempura. It is very useful recipe for making all types of tempura.

Tempura Batter Making Tempura Useful tips:

1. One of the very important secret is keeping the same temperature when frying tempura and do not fry many tempura at the same time.

2. Second most important tip to keep your tempura crispy that drain most of the oil by using ladle strainer to keep the tempura hot and crispy.

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