Mmmmm sometimes we really want to cook something which is very easy, quick and yes off course delicious in taste. While thinking of recipes which are easy and quick very first the name of recipe comes in mind is Tomato Bhujia. Yes this Tomato Bhujia is a recipe which is very much easy to made in a very quick time and yes the main thing is it can be made with very very less ingredients and have a perfect taste.

Tomato Bhujia Taste & Texture:

Tomato Bhujia is very much tasty little sweet, little tangy and little spicy in taste and its texture is like gravy with a very soft and fully tender chunks of tomato and fresh coriander leaves gives it a fresh taste and color to the dish.

Tomato Bhujia Perfect & Ideal Dish:

Tomato Bhujia is a perfect and ideal dish for the time when you are tired and want to eat something good which is easy and quick to made. It can also be perfect and ideal dish whenever you have guests suddenly. By making this Tomato Bhujia very quick you can surprised your family and guests too.

Tomato Bhujia Served:

Tomato Bhujia can be usually served at restaurants, dhabas and at homes too as a side dish. It can also be served tarka lentil (daal) and steamed rice. Tomato Bhujia can also be served with plain chapati or roti along with any type of raita and salad of your own choice.

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