As you can see the name of the recipe which is already shows that what you gonna make it today yes it is very simple and easy to amke quick recipe of chicken which can be loved by all. Velvety Chicken is also a most favorite curry based chicken recipe for those who love chicken to eat. Velvety Chicken is a recipe which can be easily made by the new cookers who are just entered in the world of cooking.

Velvety Chicken Taste & Texture:

Velvety Chicken is very smooth gravy or curry based chicken with little spicy flavor and green chilies and tomatoes give it a very good combination of red and green color and also it can make this little tangy and spicy in taste.

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Variation In Velvety Chicken:

Velvety Chicken you can make more variable by adding more ingredients according to your taste or choice like you can add some green capsicum to give it a more good taste and color to your dish.

Velvety Chicken Served:

Velvety Chicken can be usaully served at any restaurant, dhaba and also at homes as a main dish. Velvety Chicken can also be served with any type of naan, flat bread or you can also served this with fried rice or steamed rice along with any type of salad of your own choice.

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