jeera-riceZeera rice is something that we make when we ran out of ideas on what to cook or mostly for guests as Zeera Rice works with any curry or daal and we like to make simple yet flavouful Zeera Pulao to balance it with spiced curry to make every thing is not spicy and heavy.


Rice 2 cups
Cumin seeds 2 tsp
Butter or ghee 1 tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Lemon juice to taste

Instructions For Cooking:

1. Heat butter or ghee, add cumin seeds and fry for

2 minutes till the cumin seeds splutter.

2. Now add the rice, lemon juice, water and salt let it boil. Then reduce heat and cook covered for15 minutes or till all water evaporates and therice is done.

3 Ways To Cook Zeera Rice:

Zeera Rice is made in few way one is the easy one pot affair with this pressure cooker method or we can do the prep work and cook in rice cooker as we do for matar (peas) pulao or just cook in open pan follow the same procedure in any case.  Some people make rice first and the do cumin tempering with whole garam masala, onion etc.

Variation In Zeera Rice:

You can do few variations with Zeera Rice like add cashews, raisins, Fried brown onions etc just get creative or stay along the basic method its up to you.

Uses Of Zeera Rice:

Zeera Rice can be used with so many dishes of meat, vegetable and lentils.  Zeera Rice can be servedmostly in lunch time at homes and offices too withdifferent curries of meat, vegetable or lentil  choice is up to you.

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