Yuum Yummmm sounds interesting and flavorful. Yeah this recipe is full of flavor and taste which can definitely cherish your family, friends, kids and guests. This recipe of Burgers In Garlic Sauce is the unique way of making burger. This can also have a unique taste for all the burger lovers. This is recipe is easy to make with less effort or taking less time for making it. This recipe become a most favorite recipe for all once you make it and serve it after eating once every one should be ask for the recipe of these burgers. This is mild spicy but full of garlic flavor.

Burgers In Garlic Sauce Can Be Made With:

This can be made with these ingredients for patty you can take mutton or beef mince, chopped onion, salt, bread slices without crust, and ground black pepper. For sauce you can take garlic large cloves, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt and black pepper.

Burgers In garlic Sauce Have 2 Steps To Make:

For making this recipe you can only follow 2 important steps on which this recipe based on. first step is to make patties for this and the second step is to make sauce for it.

Burgers In Garlic Sauce Incomplete Without Garlics:

Offcourse this recipe is incomplete without garlics because this recipe name is already shown that what ingredient is the most important for making it, so all the lovers of garlic flavor can be love this recipe most.

Burgers In Garlic Sauce Variation:

This can be make more variable by adding some more ingredients like you can also add green chilies finely chopped in patties batter. You can also add fresh coriander leaves chopped finely in patties batter to make it more tasty and aromatic.

Burgers In Garlic Sauce Served:

This recipe can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe, burger shops, fast food shops and at homes too. This can also be served in the lunch boxes of your kids. It can also be served along with the french fries and any type of dip, sauces or ketchup.

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