caramel-custardsCaramel Custard is a very popular rich custard dessert with a layer of soft caramel on top. Caramel Custard is easy dish to prepare and does not take lot of time. Caramel Custard is well known all over the world as creme custard or milk custard.

Caramel Custard All Time Favourite Dessert:

Caramel Custard is an all time favourite dessert liked by one and all. Every country seems to have a Caramel Custard dessert that is popular.

Difference Between Caramel Custard & Creme Brulee:

There are many who are a bit confused about Caramel Custard and creme brulee. Caramel Custard is made of milk and has a soft layer of caramel on top. Creme brulee is prepared by cream which is custard with a hard caramel top.

Recipe Of Caramel Custard:

Preparation time 30-40 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Milk 1 litre
Vanila custard powder 2-4 tbsp
Sugar 6-8 tbsp (or as required)
Sugar for caramel 20 gram

Instruction For Making:

For Custard:

1. Take a vessel add milk and put it on medium flame to boil.

2. When it start boiling add sugar and boil it for few minutes till all sugar dissolve.

3. Take another bowl put a little amount of milk like 4 tbsp in it and add custard powder and mix well.

4. Now put this custard mixture in boiling milk and stirr continiously till mixture become thick.

For Caramel:

1. In a steel vessel, put sugar and heat it on medium flame.

2. Once sugar starts melting spred it all over the vessel, wait till sugar turns little brownish in colour.

3. Remove the vessel from stove.

4. Now in this vessel add your custard mixture.

5. Let it cool down a little bit.

6. Then put it in fridge.

7. Serve chill.

Tip For Make Best Caramel Custard:

To get smooth texture Caramel Custard, the custard mixture should be mix well to remove bubbles before pouring in to the boiling milk and also while pouring in boiling milk stirr continiously to do not have buubles in it.

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