Lemon Green Chili Pickle as you can see the name of recipe it already shows that how much spicy and tangy it will become when you made this. Yummy Slurp oh God iam drooling i cant wait to eat this after reading this recipe name. You can also start craving for eating this delicious mouthwatering Lemon Green Chili Pickle at home.

Very Especial Tip For Making This Lemon Green Chili Pickle:

While making this pickle make sure all the vessels, spoons, grinder/mixer are very dry it should be very dry. Even a small drop of water amkes this pickle spoil soon. Even while serving the pickle make sure the spoon you put in this container or jar is very dry. Better yet always transfer small quantity in a smaller bowl or jar which can be used to serve.

Lemon Green Chili Pickle Made With:

Lemon Green Chili Pickle can be made with lemon, green chilies, lemon juice, ginger cut into round slices, salt and turmeric powder.
Some Tricks To Make Your Lemon Green Chili Pickle More Tasty:

Always use limes or lemons that has lots of juice in it and always use fresh green chilies to make it more tatsy and hot spicy. The second thing is if you think this much salt is too much then decrease the quantity of salt and later add more if required after 3-4 days taste then add.

Lemon Green Chili Pickle Served:

Lemon Green Chili Pickle can be usually served with any meal any time when you have a craving to eat this. Lemon Green Chili Pickle can also be served with any meal like daal chawal, cahapti and any vegetable tarkari or any of your favorite meal. Choice is all yours

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