Actually pasanda was originally made with lamb, mutton or beef steaks which were cut into strips and flattened, marinated and then fried in a dish with various spices. This version of Dum K Pasanday Kebab is really very much delicious, yummy, spicy and creamy. This can be gonna love by all pasanda lovers to eat in this form and also love by those who want to eat pasanda but not the same old recipe.

Dum K Pasanday Kebab Creamy & Smooth Dish:

This is a dish which is rich creamy and smooth based dry gravy made with pasanda pieces that are tenderized with yogurt and spiced then cooked with creamy sauce adding sesame seeds roasted and grinded, poppy seeds roasted and grinded and dessicated coconut roasted and grinded to make it smooth creamy.

Dum K Pasanday Kebab Made With:

This recipe can be made with pasanda pieces, raw papaya grinded, ginger garlic paste, yogurt, white cumin seeds (roasted and grinded), sesame seeds (roasted and grinded), desiccated coconut(roasted and grinded),  khashkhash poppy seeds (roasted and grinded), half brown onion grinded, salt, chili powder and roasted gram grounded.

Dum K Pasanday Kebab Undone Without Marination:

This recipe can be undone without doing marination of pasanda pieces in yogurt mix together with other spices and raw papaya. This marination can make your pasanda pieces fully tender, moist and rich in flavors which you can feel in every single bite.

Dum K Pasanday Kebab Variation:

This recipe is versatile itself but you can make it more variable by adding fresh coriander leaves and green chilies finely chopped and also fresh mint leaves.

Dum K Pasanday Kebab Served:

This can be served at restaurants and at homes too at lunch and dinner to cherish your family, friends, guests and yourself too. This can also be served at small home parties and at occasional party menu. It can also be served along with steamed rice or with plain hot chapati made at home and also with any type of naan along with raita and salad of your choice.

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