Oreo Delight is a dessert which is very much sweet in taste with oreo filled biscuits which can make this desert more delicious, delightful, mouthwatering and creamy. Oreo Delight is very much easy to make dessert recipe in a very quick time with the very known and easily available ingredients.

Oreo Delight Is A Sinfully Simple Dessert:

Oreo Delight is a sinfully simple dessert to make at home with a very few and easy steps to cherish your all family, friends, guests and especially kids.

Oreo Delight Made With:

Oreo Delight can be made with oreo biscuits, cream, pineapple chunks, condensed milk and chocolate sauce as required.

Recipe Of Oreo Delight:

Preparation time 20-30 minutes
Serves 5-6 people


Oreo 3 Rolls
Cream 1 packet
Pineapples chunks 1 tin
Condensed milk 1 tin
Chocolate sauce as required

Instruction For Cooking:

1. Crush the Oreos and place half of them on the base of the dish.

2. Then put half of the pineapple chunks and juice.

3. Drizzle some condensed milk and then cream.

4. Repeat the same using the remaining ingredients.

5. Decorate with chocolate sauce, pineapples and Oreos.

6. Keep it in the freezer and serve chilled.

Oreo Delight Speaks Itself By Its Look:

Oreo Delight speaks itself by its look because it look very creamy, fluffy, delicious and mouthwatering, but if you must want to know what goes inside of this no bake dessert so you must take a bite of it and then you can say yes it is such wow by its taste too.

Oreo Delight Rich Creamy & Chocolaty:

Oreo Delight is one of the most decadently delicious layered dessert recipe we have ever come across which is rich creamy and chocolaty you can feel in every single bite.

Oreo Delight Served:

Oreo delight can be usually served at any restaurant and at home too as a dessert or no bake dessert to all who love to eat oreo biscuits and also to all chocolate lovers.

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