BADAM_MILK_SHAKEBadam Milk Shake is very healthy, soothing, nutritious and energetic drink/beverage. Badam Milk Shake can be made with very few ingredients such as badam, milk, sugar and ice cubes.

Badam Milk shake Healthy For Kids:

Badam Milk Shake is very much healthy, nourishing, soothing and energetic for kids because badam have an excellent source of energy and when it is combining with milk it produce a very high nutritions which is very good for kids bones and health.

Badam Milk shake Have Dual Advantages:

Badam Milk Shake have dual advantages because you can have it this Badam Milk Shake in summer and winter both. In summer you can served chilled and in winters you can omit ice cubes and served warmed.

Recipe Of Badam Milk Shake:

Preparation time 15 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Milk 4 cup
Badam 1/2 cup
Sugar 1 cup
Ice Cubes As required

Instruction For Making:

1. Firstly soak the almonds in hot water fro about 1 hour to peel the skin easily.

2. Now peel the skin of almonds and grind them in a blender by adding little amount of milk like 3-4 tbsp then also add sugar and make it a thick paste.

3. Now heat a pan add milk and heat milk bring it to boil.

4. Now add badam sugar paste in to it or mix well and boil for only 2 minutes.

5. Remove from heat and garnish it with few almond crushed.

6. Served Hot in winter and served chilled in summer. (for servd in summer take this almond milk and blend it with ice cubes in a blender to make it chilled).

Badam Milk Shake Is Truly Yummy, Thick & Rich Refreshing Energetic:

Badam Milk Shake is truly yummy, thick, rich refreshing and highly energetic drink that gives a unique nutty taste and flavour in the mouth.

Badam Milk Shake Is Highly Recomended To Growing Kids:

Badam Milk Shake is highly recomended to growing kids because Badam Milk Shake have got a lot of health benefits nd nutritional value.

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