banana-puddingBanana Pudding is a popular dessert made of generally consisting of repeated layers of sweet vanilla flavoured custard, cookies usually vanilla wafers and sliced fresh bananas placed in a dish and served with topped with whipped cream.

Banana Pudding Popular All Around:

Banana Pudding is a dessert dish that is popular all around the country now.

Banana Pudding Can Be Made By 2 Methods:

Banana Pudding can be made or prepared by two methods that is by using baked method and the other one is refrigerated method. Mostly people like the second method because it can be gives great taste after refrigertaing it. It gives cool taste and people like it alot.

Recipe Of Banana Pudding:

Preparation time 40 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Sugar 1 cup
Eggs beaten 3
Salt A pinch
Cornstarch 2 tbsp
Milk 2 cups
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Bananas sliced 4-5
Vanilla wafers As required

Instruction For Making:

1. Mix sugar and eggs together.

2. Add salt, cornstarch, and milk.

3. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring constantly; cook until thickened.

4. Remove from heat; add vanilla and mix well.

5. In serving bowl, layer the wafers, bananas, and the pudding.

Banana Pudding Have Lot Of  Nutrients:

Banana pudding have lot of nutrients because the main ingredient is banana have lot of nutrients in them and it make this dish rich of nutrients.

Banana Pudding Taste And Texture:

Banana Pudding is exotic in appearance and very much delicious to taste. Banana Pudding is a delightful and creamy which gives tastea great and it is a perfect chilled dish to finish any meal.

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