Bhuna Murgh oh my my this is so especial and ones of my all time favorite dish ever, This recipe of chicken is very famous and known in every house almost. This is the most making recipe in your daily routine menu an also it can be make on weekends too. This recipe can be definitely cherish all your family, your friends, yourself and your guests too. This is the recipe which can be make with very few very known and with easily available ingredients. This is a quick recipe of making chicken. I am sure those who never taste this dish once they have it they will ask for making it again and again.

This Bhuna Murgh Little Different Then Others Must Try:

This recipe of chicken is little different from other recipe for making this dish. In this recipe you can feel the correct ratio of ingredients and a new taste in it. This dish can be made with aromatic and flavorful spices which can make this dish different from others and the way of making this recipe if you can follow the steps of making it correctly then it will be surely comes out sooper delicious.

Bhuna Murgh Made With:

This recipe can be made with chicken, oil and sliced onions. For dry spice mix you need cumin seeds, coriander seed, whole red chilies, green cardamoms and turmeric powder. For Paste you need onion, whole pod of garlic, green chilies, ginger, curd and coriander seeds. Ingredients for baghar clarified butter and all spice powder.

Variation In Bhuna Murgh:

This recipe can be already a versatile recipe itself. But if you can make it more variable then you can add fresh coriander chopped leaves and ginger cut into thin slices for garnishing.

Bhuna Murgh Served:

This recipe dish can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba and at homes too as a side dish or some times as a main dish. This can also be served with any type of naan, roti, chapati, qulcha and sheermal. This can also be served with steamed rice or any type of fried rice or matar pulao or zeera rice. This can also be served along with any type of raita and salad.

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