Woowoww look what i found for all of you especially all the vegetarians and vegetable lovers. For those too who like to eat spinach and those who like cheese and what about them who like both spinach and cheese :D. Now me you and all have this delicious recipe to make and surprise our family, friends and guests. By the way you can also make confuse your kids by making these for them because most of the kids don’t like spinach now you can chase them by making these Cheesy Spinach Roll. These rolls are sooper dooper delicious and mouthwatering. These are also easy to make at home. These are flavorful, cheesy, crispy, mild spicy and tempting.

Cheesy Spinach Roll Can Be Made With:

This can be made with these ingredients paneer mashed, salt, dried basil leaves, crushed black pepper, egg, bread slices, spinach (boiled and chopped finely, tomato puree, oregano, grated cheese, flour for dusting and spring onion for garnishing.

Cheesy Spinach Roll Healthy & Nutritious:

This can be a lot healthy and nutritious itself for the health of all. This is fully healthy and nutritious because of its ingredients. As we all know spinach is full of iron and cheese is full of calcium so they both combine and become a healthiest recipe for the health of all.

Cheesy Spinach Roll Variation:

This can be make more variable by adding few more ingredients to make it more delicious. You can also add green chilies, fresh coriander leaves and sweet corn. Choice is all yours.

Cheesy Spinach Roll Served:

This can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe. coffee shops, tuc shops and at homes as a side dish or mostly as a snack. this can also be served at small get togethers or at weekend lunch/dinner. This can also be served along with the any type of dip, sauce and ketchup.

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