Chicken Corn Soup is a quick and easy recipe to made at homes in winters especially. Sometimes it is just a bowl of Chicken Corn Soup that we need to lift our mood in winters to warm up ourselves. This recipe of Chicken Corn Soup is simple and basic recipe of ever popular soup.

Chicken Corn Soup Delectable Appetizer:

Chicken Corn Soup is a well known and delectable soup recipe which is most taking appetizer in winters especially. This soup
become delectable because of its ingredients like chicken and corns and egg make this soup delicious and delectable in all
appetizer soups.

Chicken Corn Soup Made With:

Chicken Corn Soup can be made with chicken stock, cooked diced boneless chicken, creamed corn, corn flour, cold water, egg, parsley, white vinegar, soya sauce, chili sauce, green chillies finely chopped, salt and fresh grounded black pepper.

Recipe Of Chicken Corn Soup:

Preparation time 45-50 minutes
Serves 4-5 people


Chicken stock 3 cups
Creamed corn 1 cup
Cooked diced chicken 1 cup
Corn flour 1 tbsp
Cold water 2 tbsp
Egg 2
Parsley chopped 2 tbsp
Fresh grounded black pepper To taste
Salt To Taste
White vinegar As required
Soya Sauce As required
Chili Sauce As required
Green chillies For garnishing

Instruction For Cooking:

1. Combine chicken stock, creamed corn and chicken pieces in a large saucepan.

2. Bring mixture to a boil over medium heat, stirring occasionally.

3. Blend corn flour with cold water and add to soup.

4. Continue cooking, uncovered, for 3 minutes.

5. Beat egg, stir into soup.

6. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook.

7. Ladle soup into individual bowls and garish with parsley green chillies finely chopped.

8. Add white vinegar, soya sauce and chili sauce according to taste or served along with soup to be added individually according
to everyones taste.

Chicken Corn Soup Healthy & Nutritious:

Chicken Corn Soup is very much healthy and nutritious for health of all because chicken, corn and eggs make this soup healthy and having nutrients in every single sip of this soup.

Chicken Corn Soup Served:

Chicken Corn Soup can be served at every restaurant and at home as a appetizer or starter before any meal. Chicken Corn Soup can be served along with any bread like garlic bread, cheese bread to complete.

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