Chicken Slaw Salad i am telling you this is out of the world recipe of salad for all the lovers of eating salad with their every meal. This recipe of salad is very much easy to make because of its ingredients which can be definitely available in your fridge rite now. So what are you waiting for hurry up follow the recipe take out ingredients make it and have it mmmmmm delicious sounds tasty. You can also surprise your family at lunch or dinner table by making this salad. Really this is so easy and quick to make. This salad is creamy little crunchy because of carrot and cabbage and full of taste.

Chicken Slaw Salad Can Be Made With:

This recipe can be made with these ingredients chicken boiled and shredded, cabbage thinly sliced, carrot thinly sliced, dill leaves finely chopped, mayonnaise, cream, salt, black pepper and sugar.

Chicken Slaw Salad Healthy & Nutritious:

This recipe is a lot healthy and nutritious for the health of all because in this chicken and carrot and cabbage combine together and comes out a healthiest combination to eat.

Chicken Slaw Salad Variation:

This recipe can be make more variable by adding more ingredients according to your choice or need that you want to eat it by adding these ingredients. You can also add some other vegetables of your choice like mushrooms, red beans or sweet corn. Choice is all yours.

Chicken Slaw Salad Served:

This salad can be usually served at any restaurant, salad bars and at homes too. This is a appetizer but some people have it as it is as their meal. Some people like to eat this along with any type of dinner roll or garlic bread to make it complete meal.

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