Mmmm yummy sounds delicious and healthy these Date Biscuits are so delicious, healthy, nutritious and yes easy to made at home yourself with a very known and easily available ingredients in your kitchen. These biscuits are q quick recipe to indulge your kids, guests and the whole family at the same time. These biscuits are newer in your recipe diary and in your cookie jars too.

Date Biscuits Can Be Made According To Your Desire Shape & Size:

Date Biscuit can also be made according to your desire shape and size. Its totally depend on you that what shape and size you want and especially your kids because it must be appeal to your kids eyes then they would definitely like to eat and having a craving to eat these biscuits.

Date Biscuits Healthy & Nutritious:

Date Biscuits are definitely healthy and nutritious because of its ingredients. In these biscuits you can found a great taste of dates mix together with the flour, oats, walnuts, honey, butter and eggs. These all ingredients are so much healthy and nutritious for the health of all and delicious in taste.

Date Biscuits Variation:

Date Biscuits can be made more variable by adding few more ingredients according to your taste and choice. You can also add other dry fruits/ nuts  of your choice which can make your biscuits extra delicious and healthy.

Date Biscuits Served:

Date Biscuits can be usually served at any coffee shop, cafe and homes too as sweet snack. It can also be served at breakfast or with the evening tea. People can also have it along with a cup of coffee. It can also be served in the lunch box of your kids. It can also fulfil your craving of sweet. A tall glass of warm milk and these biscuits can make your kid healthy and tummy full meal.

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