Gulabo Chai is a traditional tea beverage from Kashmir. This Gulabo Chai is really amazing pink beverage which is made with the same tea leaves as green tea but varies dramatically in taste and incredibly creamy. This Gulabo Chai is a unique in taste as it is in appearance.

Gulabo Chai Also Known By Other Names:

Gulabo Chai is also known as ‘pink tea’, ‘Kashmiri tea’, ‘sheer tea’ and ‘noon chai’. This tea is same in taste but called by different names in different places.

Gulabo Chai Origin:

Gulabo Chai is originated from the beautiful valleys of kashmir, lying between the great Himalayas and Panjal mountains. This tea hails from kashmir especially this is why this is a speciality of Kashmiri cuisine.

Gulabo Chai Made With:

Gulabo Chai can be made with milk, tea leaves, sugar, cream, mix dry fruits, pink color syrup (rooh afza) can also be use optional and cardamoms as required. Rose Petals fresh for garnishing and decoration.

Recipe Of Gulabo Chai:

Preparation time 20-25 minutes
Serves 5-6 people


Milk ½ liter
Mix Dry Fruits as required
Red Syrup 4 tbsp
CardamomS 4
Rose Petals as required
Cream 4tbsp
Tea 4 tsp

Instruction For Cooking:

1. In a sauce pan boil 4 tsp of tea leaves in water.

2. To this add ½ liter milk and 4 cardamoms.

3. Let it simmer on a low heat.

4.Now add 4 tbsp of red syrup and dry fruit or required.

5. Pour the prepared mixture into a cup and add 4 tbsp of cream.

6. Garnish with rose petals and serve.

Gulabo Chai Served:

Gulabo Chai can be served at restaurant and at homes as a beverage tea  or it drinks after dinner meal to cherish your family and friends. Gulabo Chai can also be served with bread and pastries. Gulabo Chai is also served in many parts of Pakistan at special occasions, weddings and during the winter months.

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