Rosted Chicken Breast is very much easy to made recipe with the pieces of chicken breast combine together with the very few spices and olive oil which make it more delicious, glazed, tender, spicy and zesty. This is a hearty delectable dish which can be make happy all your family, friends and guests too. It can be surely a eye catcher appealing dish on your dinner table.

Roasted Chicken Breast Undone Without Marination:

Roasted Chicken Breast can be undone without marination because this marination can make these breast pieces full rich in taste by absorbing the all ingredients and also can make them tender and moist too.

Roasted Chicken Breast Made With:

Roasted Chicken Breast can be made with chicken breast pieces, rosemary, grated lemon rind, lemon juice, olive oil, fennel seeds, salt, ground black pepper and garlic clove. Salad or steamed vegetables to served with.

Roasted Chicken Breast Can Be Cooked In 3 ways:

As in this recipe we can cok these Roasted Chicken Breast in oven we can bake them to roast but you can also cooked in a grill pan or in a pan at very slow flame. Choice is all yours.

Roasted Chicken Breast Served:

Roasted Chciken Breast can be usually served at any restaurant, fast food restaurant and at home too as a main dish. It can also be served as a side dish some times along with any fried rice or noodles. Roasted Chicken Breast can also be served with salad or steamed vegetables along with soup and garlic bread or any bread of your own choice.

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