Toss Green Salad is the most delicious variety of salad among all salads and it can also be loved by all salad lovers. Toss Green Salad is very much easy to make and a quick recipe which can be made easily any time whenever you want to eat. It is a very refreshing and tummy full recipe of salad which can be also eaten as a lunch/dinner meal by those people who are on diet.

Toss Green Salad Taste & Texture:

Toss Green Salad is full of green color and also have it other colors like red by carrot and yellow by sweet corns and croutons. It is little crunchy and creamy in taste and yes full of vegetables flavor which is very yummilicious and once you eat you will definitely craving of it again and again.

Toss Green Salad Healthy & Nutritious:

Toss Green Salad is very much healthy and nutritious because of the ingredients which can make this salad fully packed with nutrients. All the green vegetables combine with the chicken which is full of protein make this salad healthy and nutritious.

Toss Green salad Served:

Toss Green Salad can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe and at homes too as a side dish. It can also be served to the people who are on diet as a complete meal. Toss Green Salad can also be served along with any bread like garlic bread or dinner rolls and also with a bowl of soup to make it a complete meal.

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