White Sauce Cutlets are very much delicious and tasty among other cutlets variety. The tasty flavor of white sauce bring a newer and mouthwatering taste to this . These White Sauce Cutlets are very much easy to make at home by using very known and few ingredients which can be easily available in your kitchen.

White Sauce Cutlets Taste & Texture:

White Sauce Cutlets are very much tasty in flavor with the combination of cooked chicken, onion, fresh coriander leaves and yes off course white sauce make these cutlets more yumillicious. The texture of these cutlets very neat and smooth form inside and outside too with golden brown in color.

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White Sauce Cutlets Variation:

White Sauce Cutlets are already a variable cutlets among all but you can also make it more variable by adding some more other ingredients according to your taste buds like you can add green chilies finely chopped and also some cheese to make it more delicious.

White Sauce Cutlets Served:

White Sauce Cutlets can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe and at homes too as a snack. It can also be served along with any dip sauce, ketchup or any flavor chutni of your own choice along with a tea or any beverage. Choice is all yours.

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