carrot-banana-smoothieCarrot Banana Smoothie is a fantastic smoothie which is rich and creamy in taste and flavour is very much delicious. Carrot Banana Smoothie can be made with very few ingredients such as carrot, banana, milk, almonds, sugar and ice cubes.

Carrot Banana Smoothie Packed with Vitamins:

Carrot Banana Smoothie can be packed with vitamin A, C and E. As you know Carrots are rich in vitamin A and C, and almonds are rich in vitamin E also banana is rich in vitamin c and vitamin B6.

Carrot Banana Smoothie Excellent For Kids:

As many kids did not like to eat fruits and vegetables in raw form so now you can feed your child/kid with this Carrot Banana Smoothie because this is an excellent way for your child to drink his/her fruits and vegetables.

Recipe Of Carrot Banana Smoothie:

Preparation time 30 minutes
Serve 4-5 people


Carrot 1 big
Banana 4-6
Almond 10-12
Milk 3-4 cups
Sugar To taste
Ice cubes As required

Instruction For Making:

1. Firstly scrape the carrot nicely and then wash it properly and then cut in to pieces.

2. Now boil carrot pieces well with sufficient water.

3. Allow it to cool and strain to seperate the water and make it sure all the excess water drained out.

4. Now in a blender add carrot pieces, banana pieces, almonds sugar and 1 cup of milk and blend them well to make a thick smooth and creamy shake.

5. Now add the remaining milk and ice cubes then blend it well again for 2-3 minutes.

6. Served chilled.

Variation In Carrot Banana Smoothie:

Carrot Banana Smoothie is a most versatile beverage/drink/smoothie, but you can also make it more delicious and variable by adding some other ingredients of your own choice like you can also add honey istead of sugar, you can also add cream or yogurt to make diffrent in taste.

Served Carrot Banana Smoothie:

Carrot Banana Smoothie can be served chilled in every season. Carrot Banana Smoothie can be served at breakfast or at lunch time to get more energy for your body.

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