Oh sounds yummy…. This Creamy Herb Pasta is the most delicious pasta i ever had. This pasta can be make with the very less and known ingredients which can be easily available in your kitchen or if in case these ingredients cannot be available in your kitchen then don’t you worry these can be easily available in your nearby grocery shops or stores. This pasta is full of flavors, creamy, herby, aromatic, mild spicy and colorful and yes also it is very healthy. This is very much delicious, flavorful, zesty and yes herb aromatic pasta recipe loved by all pasta lovers.

Creamy Herb Pasta Fresh & Accents:

This is a dish which is full of fresh flavor burst of lemon and herbs perfectly accents the chicken and pasta in this quick and easy dish. This is very much easy to made at home in a quick time with a very known ingredients which can be easily available in your kitchen.

Creamy Herb Pasta Made With:

This recipe of pasta can be made with these ingredients basil fresh leaves, cilantro fresh leaves, pine nuts, garlic crushed, lemon juice, green chilies finely chopped, salt, black pepper freshly grounded, olive oil, pesto sauce, cream fresh, cooked pasta, stir fried mushrooms, baby corns and green peas.

Variation In Creamy Herb Pasta:

This is already a most versatile pasta recipe amongst other pasta recipes but this can be make more variable by adding parmesan cheese or any cheese of your choice to make it more delicious in taste and texture.

Creamy Herb Pasta Served:

This can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe and at home as a side dish. Some People want to eat it along with their favorite bread or bread sticks to make it a complete meal.This can also be served as a main dish with the soup and dinner roll or any bread as a complete meal.

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