Date Smoothie is the most delicious, healthy, nutritious and full of taste recipe of beverage/shake/ smoothie. This is the most easiest  and quick recipe which can be make you fresh in 5 minutes. The ingredients using to made this are all very much healthy and full of nutritions. When i see the recipe name i automatically start drolling because i tasted before this and i know how much this drink is refreshing….. Believe me this recipe is the most healthier and refreshing recipe among all shakes.

Date Smoothie Healthy & Nutritious:

Date Smoothie is very much healthy and nutritious for the health of all especially kids. Kids can drink it regularly it makes them healthy from inside and also strong their bones and make fresh blood because of using dates for making this, as we all knows how much good dates are for health.

Date Smoothie Made With:

Date Smoothie can be made with banana, yogurt, milk, dates, vanilla essence and ice cubes.

Variation In Date Smoothie:

Date Smoothie can be make more variable by adding more then 1 fruit or you can also make variable by adding any fruit of your own choice. Like you can add strawberries instead  of banana or apple etc. Choice is all yours.

Date Smoothie Served:

Date Smoothie can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba, cafe, coffe shop, juice corners, ice cream parlors or at homes too as a most loved smoothie/shake/beverage for refreshing. It can also be served in breakfast as a energy booster drink or it can also be served in sehri/iftari in the Holy month of Ramzan as a energy drink.

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