Green Chicken Roast yummy i love to eat roast and this especial recipe of roast which iam gonna share with you people now this recipe of roast is newer and very much delicious believe me once you made you want to make it again and again. This recipe is very much easy to made with a very easy and known ingredients which can be easily available in your kitchen and in your reach too.

Green Chicken Roast Spicy Moist & Fully Tender:

Green Chicken Roast is the very spicy in taste especially because of using suree green chili sauce which make it more spicy when blend with other ingredients. This is also very moist from inside because of marination this marination can keep your chicken fully moist and tender from inside.

Cashew nut Paste Gives It A Newer Delicious Taste:

Cashew nut paste gives a newer and delicious aromatic and velvety taste and texture to your Green Chicken Roast because of cashew nut paste it become more tasty with a very nice aroma and taste of cashews blend together with other spices which you can feel in every bite.

Marination Is Must While Making This Green Chicken Roast:

Marination is must for making this Green Chicken Roast because this marination can make your chicken rich in taste and all spices and sauce can take time to absorb in meat so it is must to marinate it before made.

Green Chicken Roast Served:

Green Chicken Roast can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba, hotels and motels and at homes too as a main dish. It can also be eaten with roti/chapati, or any type of naan and paratha. It can also be served along with french fries, dinner roll and any type of dip sauce of your own choice.

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