Multigrain Bread is a type of bread which can be make with two or more types of grains. It is very much healthy and nutritious bread recipe among all breads. This is very much delicious with the rich taste of seeds and grains and little sweet in taste.

Mutigrain Bread High In Fiber:

Multigrain Bread is very much high in fiber because of its ingredients and oats and whole wheat flour make it high in fiber then other ingredients.

Multigrain Bread Loved By Diet concious People:

Multigrain Bread can be loved by diet concious people because the ingredients are using to make this bread are the most favorite ingredients of people who are on diet and they can also have it these ingrdients while doing dieting.

Multigrain Bread Made With:

Multigrain Bread can be made with flour, wheat flour, sugar, instant yeast, warm water, water boiled, quaker oats, wheat porridge, oil, slat, flax seeds, melon seeds and eggs, For glaze you need egg, oats and flax seeds.

Variation In Multigrain Bread:

Multigrain Bread an also be made more variable by adding nuts in to it like almonds, raisins, pistachios, walnuts or cashew nuts. Choice is all yours.

Multigrain Bread Served:

Multigrain Bread can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe, tuc shops, bakeries and at home too as a most eaten breakfast item. It can also be served to those who are on diet in their diet plans it is the most important meal included. It can also be served as a sides along with your any type of pasta/noodle and also with your soup to make it a complete meal.

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