StreetFoodSandwichStreet Food Sandwich is one of the yummiest healthy street food that you can prepare at home too. Most of us eat outside in restaurants, food stalls at the street corners etc for various reasons. For some eating outside is fun and it is more fun when they are having their favourite food at street like Street Food Sandwich.

Having Fun Eating Street Food Sandwich:

Eating outside is fun as they wish to shift from the routine and monotonous kitchen duties and go out trying new dishes. Home cooking is good but it is the street food that we crave for every now and then. Generally it is desired to eat hot and spicy fried street foods or Street Food Sandwich.

Street Food Sandwich Yummiest & Healthy:

Street Food Sandwich is one of the yummiest and healthy street food that you can prepare at home too which is highly nutritious and appetising to eat. This is the healthy Street Food Sandwich which is just flavourful and stomach filling too.

Recipe Of Street Food Sandwich:

Preparation time 30 minutes
Serves 4 people


Sandwich bread slices 4-8
Beetroot boiled & sliced 1
Potatoes boiled & sliced 1
Tomato sliced 1
Cucumber sliced 1
Carrot grated 1
Green Chutni As required

Instruction For Making:

1. Take a sandwich bread slice and on the top of it place the beetroot slices, potato slices, tomato slices, cucumber slices and grated carrot.

2. Apply mint chutney on the other bread slice and put this on the top of the vegetable bread.

3. Cut into desired shape and serve.

Street Food Sandwich Is A Ideal Recipe:

This healthy Street Food Recipe is a ideal recipe or food for those bachelors, working women and men who purely rely on outside food.

Variation In Street Food Sandwich:

Street Food Sandwich can be prepared easily and anytime to have fresh and healthy food but if you wish to try something different you could add in more creative ideas and ingredients like cheese and other chutnis or dip sauces to make it this Street Food Sandwich more palatable and delectable.

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