As you all known by the kadhi recipe which can be usually made with gram flour by adding pakoras which is a normal kadhi recipe and you can also aware of some especiallity of Punjabi cuisine which can be named as Punjabi kadhi. Now iam introducing to all of you a most versatile version of kadhi Which is Vegetable Kadhi. It sounds interesting and yes it is very interesting to made and it is offcourse very much delicious in taste too.

Vegetable Kadhi Taste & Texture:

Vegetable Kadhi is a very smooth textured kadhi or gravy and also colourful by adding vegetables along with some spices which can make this little spicy and aromatic by adding tarka of curry leaves and whole red button chilies. It also tangy in flavor.

Vegetable Kadhi Healthy & Nutritious:

Vegetable Kadhi is very much healthy and nutritious in taste and for health of all too. Vegetable Kadhi is light in taste and full of nutritions because of its ingredients because we all knows that vegetables are a good source of nutritions.

Vegetable Kadhi Served:

Vegetable Kadhi can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba and at homes too as a main dish. Vegetable Kadhi can also be served along with the steamed rice and some people want to eat it with flat bread or tandoori naan. Choice is all yours.

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