Strawberry Trifle is very much delicious, super sweet, full of strawberry flavor and creamy fancy dessert which can be loved by all to eat any time. Strawberry Trifle is very much easy to made at home for any especial occassion, party, small get together or for weekend as a dessert. Kids are also love to eat this at any time.

Strawberry Trifle Pink, Creamy & Tasty:

Strawberry Trifle is full pink in color because we are using strawberry custard, jelly, strawberry jam and strawberries. Cream make this trifle creamy and more delicious and also give one extra color and taste to the dish.

Strawberry Trifle Made With:

Strawberry Trifle can be made with strawberry jam as required, plain cake, strawberry jelly, strawberry flavor custard powder, milk, sugar, strawberries, cream and extra halved strawberries for decoration.

Strawberry Trifle Decoration:

Strawberry Trifle should be served in a transparent glass bowl by which others can easily seeing the layers of your trifle which looks good to the eyes and all can be crave to eat by seeing this yummilicious dessert and cannot stop to eat them selfs.

Strawberry Trifle Served:

Strawberry Trifle can be usually served at any restaurant, cafe and at home too as a dessert. It can also be served at birthday parties, holidays or get togethers. It can also be served along with a scoop of strawberry ice cream to make it more delicious.

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