White Mutton A meaty eid famous dish now a days. People prefer white chicken usually in but for Eid-Ul-Azha they prefer to use mutton meat. This meaty eid can bring joy by making alot of meaty dishes with a newer recipes in a new ways to use your meat . This is a recipe which can be surely cherish your family, friends and guests. This is very much delicious, tempting, little spicy, tangy and scrumptious with a very quick and easy steps to make it.

White Mutton Creamy & Aromatic:

White Mutton is a recipe which is rich creamy in texture and taste and also aromatic with the spices that use to made it. The ingredients to made this are very simple and easily available in your kitchen.

Coconut & Almond Make This White Mutton Super Delicious:

Coconut and almond is playing the main roll to make this White Mutton super delicious in taste and texture. These both ingredients combine together with other ingredients to make gravy more and more tastier.

White Mutton Served:

White Mutton can be usually served at any restaurant, dhaba, motel and at homes as a main dish. It can also be served with any type of flat bread, paratha or any type of naan. It can also be served along with your favorite raita and salad.

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