Ingredient: Ghee

Rava Masala Paratha

Rava Masala Paratha is a famous paratha/bread recipe in all the regions of Pakistan and India. Rava Masala Paratha is very rich in flavor with...

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Sesame Candy

Sesame candy Made With: Sesame Candy can be made with sesame seeds, jaggery and ghee and also ghee for greasing....

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Sesame Squares

Sesame Squares Made With: Sesame Squares can be made with white sesame seeds, ghee and condensed milk....

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Spicy Kofta Curry

Spicy Kofta Curry Made With: Spicy Kofta Curry can be made with For the koftas you need pine nuts, mince beef, onion grated, chopped parsely or...

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Stuffed Aloo Patties

Stuffed Aloo Patties Made With: Stuffed Aloo Patties can be made with potatoes, grated coconut, fresh coriander leaves finely chopped, ghee, ginger garlic paste, green chili...

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Velvety Chicken

Velvety Chicken Made With:

Velvety Chicken can be made with chicken pieces, ghee (clarified butter), cumin seeds, black pepper corns, onions very finely chopped, garlic paste,...

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